Why You Should Study Abroad in Prague

Prague is tied for 39th place with Shanghai in the 2016 QS Best Student Cities list. It has three QS-ranked universities and is known for its diverse student population, low cost of living, thriving art scene, and crazy nightlife. So, if you want to study in Europe, you might like the Czech capital.

Here are seven good reasons to study in Prague as soon as possible.

1. Go to a good college.

In the QS rankings, three top institutions in the Czech capital are always among the best in the world. The best of these is Charles University in Prague, which is ranked 279th in the QS World University RankingsĀ® 2015/16 and fourth in the most recent QS University Rankings: Emerging Europe & Central Asia. The Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of Economics in Prague, which are also well-known and highly ranked around the world, are close behind Charles University.

2. Make friends around the world.

15% of the students at the internationally ranked universities listed above are from outside the country, and Prague is a city that is used to serving people from many different countries. If you decide to study in Prague, you will probably make friends from many different countries. This will help you grow as a person, which is always a good thing.

3. Because art is everywhere in Prague.

From street art to the Montanelli Museum, which opened in 2009 and has become a leader in modern art, to the Leica Gallery’s wonderful photography collections, there’s something for everyone…

4. Enjoy the many things to do at night in Prague.

Trust us on this: Prague has some of the best nightlife in all of Europe. There’s nightlife for everyone, whether you like cozy beer gardens, big dance clubs that are open all night, or cave bars.

5. Live in a city that is pretty to look at.

Prague is much more beautiful than London and Berlin. If you’re going to study in Europe, you might as well do it in a historic city with cute little side streets and buildings influenced by the Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, cubist, and art nouveau styles.

6. Spend less.

Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey says that while tuition fees for international students are in the middle of the pack, Prague is not quite as pricey as other top student cities. says that it will cost you about K 13,900 (US$580) per month to rent a one-bedroom apartment right in the middle of the city. A loaf of bread should cost about K20 (US$0.80).

7. Speed up your chances of getting a job.

Studying abroad in a major European city will help you develop key transferable skills and get more job opportunities. It will also give you access to a new network of connections and a diverse alumni community, as well as open the door to an international career.

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