What is Europe’s Erasmus Student Exchange Program

The European Union runs a project called Erasmus, which stands for the European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (EU). It gives students the chance to study or work in a different European country while they are getting their degree.

There are many benefits, like the chance to learn another European language and live in a different culture.

In addition to programs for students to study abroad and do internships, the Erasmus program also has a project for college teachers.

Using the Erasmus program to study in another country
Undergraduate and graduate students in any field can apply to study abroad through the Erasmus program, as long as the European university they are attending supports the program.

A very large number of universities in 36 different European countries have joined the scheme. Placements to study abroad can last from three to twelve months and can happen at any point in your degree after the first year, though the exact time may depend on how your course is set up.

Those who are chosen get a small scholarship, which doesn’t cover all the costs, but does help! Most of this (80%) is given when the person leaves, and the rest is given when the exchange is done.

After being accepted into the Erasmus program, students work with their course supervisor to make a study plan that they agree to follow during the exchange. This is to make sure that the experience is useful and relevant to their overall degree program.

Students in the Erasmus program who are going to a country that speaks a European language that isn’t as widely spoken or studied can take what are called Erasmus Intensive Language Courses before the exchange. English, German, French, and Spanish aren’t allowed because they are taught and studied in a lot of places in Europe.

Getting work experience outside the U.S.

Students who want to get some real-world work experience related to their studies can also do internships abroad through the Erasmus program.

In this case, students are hosted by a company that signs a contract with the European university. This is a training contract that both parties agree to. This lets students learn more about the industry they want to work in and improve their language skills in a professional setting.

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