What is Cladogram Gizmo

A cladogram is a diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships between different groups of organisms. It is based on the concept of cladistics, which is a method of analyzing and organizing biological data based on shared characteristics.

A cladogram gizmo is an interactive tool or simulation that allows students to create and analyze cladograms. It may be used as a worksheet or as a stand-alone educational resource.

To use a cladogram gizmo worksheet, students may be asked to:

  1. Observe and compare the characteristics of different organisms.
  2. Identify shared characteristics and use them to group the organisms into clades.
  3. Construct a cladogram based on the shared characteristics and the order in which they evolved.
  4. Analyze and interpret the cladogram to understand the evolutionary relationships between the different groups of organisms.

The specific instructions and tasks for using a cladogram gizmo worksheet may vary depending on the specific version of the worksheet and the goals of the activity.

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