Plate Tectonics Worksheet Answer

Plate tectonics is the scientific study of the movement and behavior of the Earth’s lithosphere, which is made up of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle. It explains the process by which the Earth’s surface is created, destroyed, and recycled over time.

Here are some questions that might be included on a plate tectonics worksheet:

  1. What is the lithosphere?
  2. What is the Earth’s crust made of?
  3. What is the Earth’s mantle made of?
  4. How does the Earth’s lithosphere move?
  5. What are the three types of plate boundaries?
  6. What happens at a divergent plate boundary?
  7. What happens at a convergent plate boundary?
  8. What happens at a transform plate boundary?
  9. What is a volcano?
  10. What is an earthquake?


  1. The lithosphere is the Earth’s crust and upper mantle.
  2. The Earth’s crust is made of solid rock.
  3. The Earth’s mantle is made of hot, semi-solid rock.
  4. The Earth’s lithosphere moves because of convection currents in the mantle.
  5. The three types of plate boundaries are divergent, convergent, and transform.
  6. At a divergent plate boundary, two plates move apart and magma rises up to fill the gap, creating new crust.
  7. At a convergent plate boundary, two plates collide and one plate is forced underneath the other, causing the crust to be destroyed and recycled into the mantle.
  8. At a transform plate boundary, two plates slide past each other horizontally, causing earthquakes but not creating or destroying crust.
  9. A volcano is an opening in the Earth’s crust through which magma and ash are erupted.
  10. An earthquake is a sudden, violent shaking of the ground caused by the movement of tectonic plates.

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