How to Get Through Studying Abroad if You’re a Introvert

One of the best things you can do in life is study abroad. It’s exciting to discover a new place and meet new people at a faster pace than you’ve been used to.

But sometimes the intensity of it all can feel too much. When I first moved abroad for college, I was excited to meet new people and learn about where I was going to live. On the other hand, as an introvert, I was afraid it would be hard for me. I was thrown out of my comfort zone when I had to travel alone hundreds of miles away from everyone I knew.

People often think that introverts are antisocial and don’t want to hang out with anyone, but the truth is that even introverts like to hang out with friends and go out. We love it, but after being with a big group of people, we usually need some time alone to get our energy back.

So, here are some tips for introverts who want to study abroad.

Visit your new city on your own.

Every time I moved somewhere new, I spent a few days on my own getting to know the city. You will probably do that a lot, but I think it’s a good way to get used to a new place when you first arrive. It’s a great way to unwind to be able to explore at your own pace before you start college or work.

Don’t be afraid of being by yourself.

If all the activities, trips, and parties get to be too much, take a break and don’t feel bad about it. Find a way to relax and spend time by yourself whenever you need to.

I love going on long walks around the city or sitting by myself with a cup of coffee and watching the world go by. Having a coffee or a meal by yourself can be stressful or scary. It was for me when I first started traveling alone, but you should enjoy your time alone and not worry about what other people might think.

Find a way to write down what you’ve done.

Many people who are shy like to write, draw, or do something else to show what they are thinking. I like to write down my thoughts every now and then, and it’s been a great way to keep track of my time abroad. If those things calm you down and help you figure out what’s going on, then do them.

Keep in touch with everyone at home.

Being away from your friends and family can make it hard to study abroad. When homesickness hits, it can be hard to enjoy being away from home, so don’t forget to stay in touch with your family and friends. It will help you get used to your new life much more quickly.

Talk to the people you meet.

For us introverts, it can be hard to make friends in a new place, but try to get out of your comfort zone and use Facebook groups, forums, and other ways to meet people at university.

You can find people who are like you before you even get there if you start talking to them online. This will make it easier to make more friends. Go to social events and talk to people once you get there. There are probably a lot of people who are just as nervous as you are about making the first move.

Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Even though I think it’s great to be yourself, even if you’re shy, we all need to get out of our comfort zones from time to time. Join a group trip, a new and interesting club, or do something scary. After all, you’ll only be in this new place for a short time, so you might as well make the most of it.

Make yourself comfortable.

Decorate your dorm room or apartment to make it feel more like home. For an introvert, it’s important to have a space that feels nice and relaxing, whether that means putting up pictures of you with your friends and family or just sticking up some posters.

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