Easy Comprehension For Class 2 In English

Here is an example of an easy comprehension passage for class 2 in English:

Title: My Pet Cat

My name is Emily and I have a pet cat named Max. Max is a beautiful black and white cat with bright green eyes. He is very playful and loves chasing toys around the house. Every morning, Max wakes me up by purring and rubbing against my face. I can’t imagine life without him.

Max is also very curious and loves exploring the outdoors. Whenever I take him for a walk, he always finds a way to sneak off and go on his own adventure. I have to be careful not to lose him!

In the evenings, Max likes to curl up next to me on the couch and fall asleep. He is the best snuggler and always keeps me warm. I am so lucky to have Max as my pet and I love him very much.


  1. What is the name of Emily’s pet cat? Answer: Max
  2. What color is Max? Answer: black and white
  3. What does Max like to do every morning? Answer: wake Emily up by purring and rubbing against her face
  4. What does Max like to do in the evenings? Answer: curl up next to Emily on the couch and fall asleep
  5. How does Emily feel about Max? Answer: She is very lucky to have him as her pet and loves him very much.

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