What Does the Interest Waiver and Payment Suspension Mean for Federal Student Loans?

Trump signed the CARES Act as a response to COVID-19. Because of this, the government temporarily stopped charging interest on some federal student loans and stopped making payments on them until September 30, 2020. Former President Donald Trump extended the student loan benefit until December 31, 2020, and President Joe Biden extended the pause on … Read more

5 Of Europe College With Most Beautiful City

If you’re about to finish high school, you’re probably thinking about where you want to go to college. Have you ever thought about going to school in Europe? It’s the hub of research, education, and business, with nearly 1,000 QS-ranked universities and a lot of Fortune 500 companies. For graduates and young professionals, living on … Read more

How to Study Abroad and Learn Spanish

Spanish is the second most common language in the world. Being fluent in a second language can make your resume stand out, but how do you learn a new one quickly and well? First of all, language immersion and good habits for learning a language, like setting your devices to Spanish or going to a … Read more