7 Ways Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career

Want to change the world? Do you want to study and travel without letting your education or career suffer?

Read on for simple, honest advice from EU Business School, a business school with campuses in Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona, and Munich and partner universities with exchange opportunities all over the world, about the benefits of studying abroad.

1. Make contacts all over the world

The best international universities try to improve what they have to offer and know how important it is to have a responsive alumni network made up of helpful, high-impact alumni in executive positions around the world.

When you study abroad, you’ll make connections through your school, but also through the schools that your school works with. For example, EU Business School works with some of the best universities on all five continents and gives students the chance to take part in exchange programs and get more education from universities with which it is affiliated. Here is a full list of the universities that EU Business School works with.

2. Become a problem solver

If you live and study abroad, you’ll learn how to take care of yourself when you’re not at home. From signing up with a local doctor to making a meal from scratch with unfamiliar ingredients to calling a locksmith in a foreign language if you’ve locked yourself out, you’ll always have to take the initiative and solve problems! After this, it will be easy for you to use your logical, practical, and problem-solving skills in the business world.

3. Get training for jobs abroad

No matter which EU Business School campus you’re on, you’ll be surrounded by people from more than 100 different countries. When you meet people from all over the world, you’ll actually get smarter because you’ll have more chances to question your beliefs and learn about a huge range of cultures and customs.

On top of that, your course will teach you about a wide range of business situations and needs around the world. It will also give you the chance to study abroad for a semester or two.

After all of this, studying abroad will make it much easier to apply for jobs abroad. There will be a lot to talk about!

4. Boost your résumé

Studying abroad is a great way to improve your resume, whether you want to work for an international company or move into a field like international business, finance, or non-profit work. Recruiters like that studying abroad helps you develop skills and traits like adaptability, resilience, and independence, and that it prepares you to work in a multicultural environment.

5. Learn a different language.

Recruiters want people who can speak more than one language. In 2017, it is very helpful to know a language like Spanish, French, German, or Mandarin. What’s good? EU Business School has campuses in Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona, and Munich, as well as programs in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

98% of students and staff at EU Business School can speak more than two languages. Be like them! Even though all of the classes are taught in English, there will be many chances to learn a new language. If you really want to learn a new language, being in the country where it is spoken is the best way to do it.

6. Impress the people who decide who gets into graduate school.

Want to get another qualification at some point in the future? If you get your bachelor’s degree at a well-known university abroad, it will look good to admissions officers. Academics, like employers, value the skills you gain when you study abroad, and they will be very interested to hear about the new ways you saw your subject.

7. Don’t spend money on a gap year.

Taking a gap year to travel before getting your first job might sound like a good idea, but there’s a chance you’ll be left behind when you try to get a job. The longer you wait to start your career after college, the less desirable you become. After your gap year is over, you might find that you need to get a master’s degree or take a short course just to get an interview.

Instead of wasting a year of your life and adding to your debt, why not study abroad and get two things done at once? You’ll have plenty of time on the weekends and between semesters to travel around the country and the surrounding area. There will also be a strong support system in place to help you make the most of your time abroad.

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